Wuhu Island is a small tropical island located in the Wuhu Sea. It is where Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, as well as Wii Fit and Wii Fit U take place at. The island is inhabited by Miis. They highly resemble humans, most notably real people such as the player. There are 4 other islands close to Wuhu Island, most notably Wedge Island, the second-largest island where the Wii Sports Golf Resort is located.

Wuhu Island 3DS

History Edit

Wuhu Island has been inhabited for a long time. Impressive stone monuments built by an ancient civilization can be found around the island. They include Weathered Monument, Forest Monument, Mountain Monument, Lava Monument, and Toppled Monument. At some point in time, a more advanced civilization appeared and drove out the older civilization. This new civilization had brilliant stone masons. Their architecture is displayed by the impressive Mysterious Ruins in the cliffs on the north coast of Wuhu Island. They also created the Lava Tube, a tunnel boring straight through the volcano.

Currently, Miis inhabit Wuhu Island. They mainly make their homes in Wuhu Town, the largest communal location on the island. The Starboard Harbor docks many ships from around the world into Wuhu Island. The Queen Peach also docks here when it is not on an ocean voyage. There are, however some other locations where Miis live. Not far from town is the second most populated community on Wuhu Island, the Hillside Cabins. They are the two communities on Wuhu Island, although even more Miis live elsewhere.

Climate and Geography Edit

Wuhu Island's climate is tropical. The southern coastline of the island is sandy and is also a popular place on Wuhu Island. It differs a good deal from the rocky coast of the northern island. The Ruins are a popular spot on the northern coast. They overlook the sea from high on the cliffs. Inland, the elevation of Wuhu Island is higher, and is where other popular places such as Summerstone Castle can be found. The highest point on the island is Maka Wuhu. It is a volcano that hasn't erupted in over 200 years. The sea floor of Wuhu Island was revealed in Wii Fit U. Near the Diving Spot on one of the smaller islands is a large coral reef with a variety of tropical fish and other marine life such as Bottlenose Dolphins, Right Whales, and Green Sea Turtles. There are even more ruins underwater, along with an interesting shipwreck, but how did they get down there anyways?