Wedge Island is the second-largest island in the Wuhu Archipelago. It is the home of all things golf in Wii Sports. Besides golfing, there are also many other interesting things to do and see on Wedge Island. Unlike Wuhu Island, not much is known about Wedge Island's history.

Climate and Geography Edit

Wedge Island has a tropical climate identical to that of the other islands. It is smaller than Wuhu Island by a good amount, but is far larger than the 3 other islands. The northern coastline is partially sandy. Wedge Island Marina is located on the northern coast and is where the Sea Caddy docks. It is a ferry service known as the Albatross Express Liner that links Wuhu Island to Wedge Island. It is the southernmost island.

The rest of Wedge Island's coastline is rocky and rugged. Crab Rock, also known as the Twin Bogeys is a famous landmark on Wedge Island. It is close to the Nineteenth Hole Hotel, a four-star hotel where golfers like to kick back and relax after a day of golf.

Did you know? Edit

  • Wedge Island is named after a golf club, the Wedge.
  • Because there are no signs of volcanic origin on Wedge Island, it is quite possible that it was once part of Wuhu Island and was broken off by a massive earthquake and shifted south. The northern coastline of Wedge Island sort of matches up with the south coast of Wuhu Island.